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An event where drunken rednecks and white trash gather around, get drunk, and watch other stupid white trash (whose names are usually penis related) drive around at dangerously high speeds in car shaped billboards advertizing for diet mountain dew and bud lite doing nothing but turning left and crashing into each other, and there's a trailer park in the center of the track. After the race is over, the rednecks go home and beat their wife/cousin/sister because dick peterson didn't win.
guy1: Wanna go see a nascar race?
guy2: fuck off!

redneck1:Hey billy bob, nascar's on the tv box, u wanna watch it.
redneck2:Whoooooooo!!! Hell yeah bubba, we'll grill up some roadkill, smoke some meth, and drink a case of PBR.
by A WHITE GUY June 04, 2014

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Sheep make that sound. Not only the farm animal sheep say that, but the single digit IQ social media junkies with group mentalities and no minds of their own do too when referring to their significant other, ie. the other kind of sheep. I'm aware it means (before anyone else), but it just seems like you're too lazy to say "babe", thus making you sound like a tool (or toolette).

It's also the danish word for shit.
If my GF ever calles me "Bae", I'll be dumping her faster than when I snort ex-lax after eating a deadly combo of Taco Bell and Arby's.
by A WHITE GUY August 30, 2017

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KFC double down sandwich. (aka the double death sandwich)

It consists of 2 fried chicken breasts (used instead of a traditional bun), 2 slices of bacon, and a slice of cheese with some kind of sauce.

You can't call it a heart attack on a bun because it doesn't even have a bun. You could probably only find it in america.
American fat fuck1:Hey phil, you down to eat a shitload of death sandwiches from kfc?
American fat fuck2:Hell yeah Randy, I'm not only down, I'm double down. and while we're there, we'll order some large sodas and see if they can fill the cups with gravy.
American fat fuck1:Oh shit, I forgot that we're too fat to even walk up to the drive thru window.
American fat fuck2:awwwww man, I only had 47 heart attacks this year.
American fat fuck1: We better smoke some crack to drop some weight so we can actually fit inside of kfc.
by A WHITE GUY July 13, 2014

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A nick name black guys give their only white friend.

A racist term towards white people (eventhough nobody really gets offended by it).

Oldskool stoner slang for when taking too many hits in a short amount of time, then feeling nauzeated and breaking out in a cold sweat then turning pale (varies from seconds to hours).

The dog from crayon shin chen.

The old midget with 2 different sized feet on adam sandlers eight crazy nights.
Yo nigga, dis a muddafuckin' chocolate fest up in dis bitch, hit up whitey.

Why do whitey gotta bring me down dawg.

Duuude, put that out for a minute, I'm having a whitey.
by A WHITE GUY September 25, 2013

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a small motorized bicycle that is very fun to ride no matter how old you are.

not the same as pocket bikes.

being related to the go-kart, it usually has a horizontal shaft lawnmower, tiller, snowblower engine made by briggs and stratton or tecumseh and is driven by a centrifugal clutch or comet torque converter.

way more fun than any full sized motor cycles or atv's.

not meant for little kids.

not meant for taking off any sweet jumps.
mini bikes are the one thing next to marijuana that should be legalized for use on bike trails.

they go great with marijuana too btw.
by A WHITE GUY September 25, 2013

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Those are the dick heads who made Adblock Plus not work on youtube anymore, forcing us to sit through 2 minute ads for crest white strips while trying to watch a 25 second Youtube video, because Youtube whored themselves out to corporate America. Seriously Youtube, how fucking greedy can you get?
The ad nazis actually think that repeatedly cramming their shit down out throats will make people buy those shitty products, but it doesn't work for me.
by A WHITE GUY July 16, 2017

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Shitty korean car that falls apart on the assembly line and disintegrates when it drizzles.

north korea's slow attack in the US.

stalls out while going up hill.
kia stands for



by A WHITE GUY October 08, 2013

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