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Nuclear horse piss that is sold as a disgusting energy drink.

Describing anything that is large.

The creature that lives in your closet and under your bed.

A sadistic pedophile who molests and rapes children he abducts.
I tried a monster energy drink the other day, it was the grossest shit i have ever tasted. I poured the rest of it into my neighbor's dogs water dish, the dog caught fire.

Whoa, that fish is a monster.

"Mommy, I need you to look in my closet and check under my bed for monsters."
"For fuck sake Tommy, you're 35 years old. why do you still believe in monsters?"
"Remember when I was kidnapped and raped by that monster in his van. And I still didn't get any free candy."
by A WHITE GUY August 28, 2014

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the measurement of space on a computer's harddrive used for downloaded child porn.
pedophile 1: I have over 200 pedobytes of cp on my macbook!
pedophile 2: I have over 500 pedobytes of cp on my ipad!
(FBI shows up)
by A WHITE GUY February 18, 2014

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White trash doesn't just apply to low income hillbilly families who live in a trailer park, white trash can be found in any neighborhood of any social class. Some perfect examples of white trash are:

Having broken appliances, plumbing fixtures, and/or stripped cars on their front lawn.

Someone who lives in squalor, has garbage piling up all over their house and feces caked into the carpet while having 14 neglected incest kids with adhd running amok.

Being 14 and pregnant and if the kid comes out white, all the possible fathers are related to her.

Has a meth lab and/or meth addiction.

Someone who collects welfare or disability even though the individual is perfectly able bodied.

Someone who is missing most of their teeth before the age of 20 (due to lack of oral hygene, getting into drunken fights, and/or meth use.)

The watchers of and the guests on Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, Dr.Phil, and Judge Judy.

The watchers of American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Mike and Molly, The big bang theory, 2 and a half men, NASCAR, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real housewives of anything, AFV reruns, and Cops also fall into this category.

If you are blood related to your biological parents in more than 1 way, making the "family tree" into the "family stump".

Somebody who has been on Cops.

Miley Cyrus.
Hippies , rednecks, backwoods hicks, emo kids, wiggers, juggalos, hipsters, gamers, and metal heads are other forms of white trash and they usually come from families with white trash backgrounds.

Not everyone who lives in a trailer park is white trash, it is found everywhere. In fact, you can even find white trash living in gated communities. Being white trash is how a person acts and/or what conditions they have themselves living in.
by A WHITE GUY April 26, 2015

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Poor man's hash
The black tar like substance that you scrape from your pipe which can be smoked as a last resort when weed and/or weed money isn't around.
May give some people headaches.
If you're out of weed and short on cash, or if everyone's dry and weed isn't to be found and you need to take the edge off, pipe poop will do the trick.
by A WHITE GUY February 01, 2015

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Often confused with "financially responsible" by stupid materialistic people who are extremely irresponsible with money, are likely in shitloads of debt, and have rich parents to sponge off of.

Examples of Cheap Asses:
Washing and re-using things such as paper towels, glad bags, trash bags, disposable razors, other disposables etc.....
Buying a beat up $400 clunker and driving it for 20+ years
Buying that wimpy single-ply butthole scraping dingleberry making sand paper, because it cost a whole dollar less than normal TP.
Stealing all the napkins, sporks, and ketchup packets from a fast food restaurant to take home.
Using the same tea bag/coffee filter for months at a time.
Showing up to a BYOB party with a 4 pack of steel reserve (or some other foul ass cheap beer typically consumed by alcoholics), bumming the good beers from friends all night, and leaving with said 4-pack.
Constantly "forgetting" wallet to get out of paying restaurant bills when eating out with friends.
Not tipping the waitress, even though the service and meal was satisfactory.
Moron: "Why can't you borrow me $5200 so I can pay off my credit card bills and support my gambling addiction? You're such a cheap ass!"
Financially responsible "cheap ass": "I won't borrow you any of my hard earned money because you'll probably end up blowing it some stupid useless shit you saw on TV, like a designer anal massager, instead of putting it towards your credit card bill anyway. Since you're unable to pay your bill, how can I trust that you'll even pay me back? Can't you get your daddy to pay it off, since he's loaded?"
Moron: "Nope, my cheap ass daddy finally got tired of my bullshit and cut me off."
Financially responsible "cheap ass": *palms forehead*
by A WHITE GUY June 13, 2017

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Taking a mean shit in the toilet right before giving someone a swirlie.
Lets give those nerds some cleveland swirlies.
by A WHITE GUY July 02, 2014

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Extacy laced with viagra. Often given out at rave parties attended by old people.
Warning: Sextacy may cause explosive ejaculation, temporary gayness, everything in site to become a sex object, repressed memories of making basement movies with your uncle as a kid to become unrepressed, or even death.
by A WHITE GUY May 29, 2016

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