Rich-ass town located in southern New Hampshire, making up the top left part of the Windham-Pelham-Salem-Atkinson rhombus. Once considered a vacation spot in the area located near Cobbett's Pond (with the rest of the town being agrarian) Windham somehow morphed into an elitist breeding ground in less than a generation. It is now known for its large amounts of yuppies, soccer moms, and Paultards as well as their overly spoiled kids who are frequently seen driving expensive cars down I-93. Aside from the glamour, Windham has a reputation for being quite boring, lacking any commercial area or downtown.

A side note: people from Windham pronounce the name of their town as WIND-ham, not WIN-dum. The 'h' is not silent.
Carlie must live in Windham - she got a Ferrari for her sweet 16 birthday.

The Sampson family moved to Windham from Newton Mass so they could still enjoy a lavish lifestyle without paying Massachusetts income taxes which, as Ron Paul supporters, they were morally opposed to.

Windham residents love their money but sure hate having to spend it to contribute to society. That's why they blow most of it on huge houses with big front lawns the size of football fields, 23432 cars, cruises, vacations, expensive electronics, drugs, and designer clothes for their kids.
by 603explorer June 29, 2009
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A small town located in southern New Hampshire. A town with a generally wealthy population. Kids however don't drive Ferrari's, are typically quite stupid, and assholes. Houses range from large to small. Most families don't own more than two houses, boats, and all that shit. Typically a nice house with a pool and a few cars. They don't believe themselves to be elite. Hated on ALOT. Nothing to do except for Canobie over in Salem. They suck at sports. D3 most sports. So shut the fuck up. It's a nice town. We're not all spoiled. We don't have hellicopters and Ferraris. Oh and by the way, the H is silent dumbasses.
Hey Windham's a pretty nice town right?

Oh Yeah, I'd love to live there.
by A kid that lives here July 23, 2011
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Windhamites should be careful when sending emails into the thumbs section of the area news. The postings aren't edited but they are censored in total (in or out) and your ip address is resolved right down to your identity due to a few townies who have access to the cable commission and comcast. Be careful folks they know who you are.
Retorts concerning Windham operations are censored heavily.
by MaryS January 25, 2013
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A hair cut where the sides are shaven to the skin, leaving hair on the crown of the head. There is no fade between the skin & hair.
Mark and Steve have the Windham.
by thebarless October 12, 2007
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western new england college dorm room known to be haunted; students can feel a cold presence and constant chill in the room; believed to be caused by a former student hanging themself
"Oh man, have you been in Windham 133? It's so freaky."
by cheeseburger_xox February 25, 2012
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An oasis consisting of New Hampshire's 13,000 most privileged residents. In the past 20 years, nearly all of the town's development has been carried out for one single goal: to keep anyone making a salary under $90,000 out. As one would expect, "Windhamite" children have reputations for being rich brats. Almost every single Windham family owns more than one house, more than four cars, a few four-wheelers, a boat, and a country club membership. The new Windham High School gives each of its students free macbooks as part of their "21st century learning" curriculum.
Person 1: Man, Chelsea sure is a spoiled bitch.

Person 2: Yeah, that's 'cause she's from Windham, NH.
by NoMoreMoney September 26, 2010
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A place in the Catskills where you get stuck when you have given up on life in reality.

If you live there you are indentured servants to the whims of the citidiots who enjoy the area for the recreational sport of spending money.
Hi, I'm from Windham, ny and all I can talk about is how much I hate the citidiots who are the economic backbone of the town.
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