Best people are born on this day. Caring and loving. Can be annoying but it's because they love you. Extremely stunning. Usually amazing singers and great performers. A very cunning person and is great at planning but everything has to be planned a week before. Overall just great people mostly.
"oh wow its a September 8th baby, they are so beautiful!"

"Wow. They are amazing. Must be a September 8th baby."
by virgo baby October 16, 2019
If you were born on September 8th, you are a well intentioned, cute, and mostly caring person. People love you and look up to you. You give great advice and love helping your loved ones. Also you are very flirty and sexual too which makes for a good night in bed haha. You are a perfectionist. Celebrate your creativity, imagination, and intuition. You have an inborn sense of idealism. Your idealism can actually be expressed in a wide range of ways. Usually you have dark hair, Slightly overweight, and have crappy eyesight. Ur smart but you are perfectionist with almost everything and it sets u behind like A LOT. If you were born on this day u have a lot of friends (mainly girls) but rarely are u in a relationship. Also ur empathetic and care about others but you a blind when it comes to seeing who is fake and who isn’t. Also you have anxiety and are very hyper.
When is your Birthday?

September 8th
by gxrrixon October 18, 2019
The sexy person to be made..... He or she is the one to go for.... he or she will be loyal and will date a person for a while and most crazy person you will ever meet!!! And will be a athlete and a dare devil
(Why do you have all the girls liking you!!!!)
Because you were born on September 8th!!!
by Sexy321 January 12, 2020
This is the day the hottest baes were born js
Oml shes so hot she must have been born September 8th 😍
by Anoumanouse October 17, 2019
September 8th is national be gay day without being gay ( but for girls ). Wanna kiss your best friend? Go for it! (remember consent) Wanna do more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Anyway just be gay (also if your were born on this day and your a girl your probably gay or bi.
Girl one- “ Hey Steph!”
Girl two- “ Kiss me Emily”
Girl one- “WTF NO”
Girl two- “But it’s september 8th
Girl one- “Oh ok sure”
*they start kissing in front of their respective boyfriends*
Boyfriend 1- * stunned
Boyfriend 2- oh it’s ok, our day for this is october 20th don’t feel left out
Boyfriend 1- “ OH THANK GOD”
by APlasticBagFloatingThruTheWind October 20, 2019
This day is the day hot bitch was born, if you were born September 8th you get many hoes and is easily liked by everyone, anyone that crosses you should probably start begging for kindness before it's too late
person 1: we're you born September 8th 2009 ?

Person 2 : yea why...?

Person 1 : omg your literally hot

Person 2: oh thanks


Person 2 : omg thanks so is yours
Person 4: hey I'm really sorry about us arguing could we try again

Person 2 : what... No never again
by Jacksonbootytickler June 29, 2022