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A radio station
A computer.
An automation software.
Bunch of 60s-Current Hot AC, Classic Rock, Disco, Pop loaded into the computer.
A guy named Guy Zapoleon telling the stations what to play.
Howard Cogan blabbing the station's name in between songs

104-3 Jack FM
92-5 Jack FM
101-1 Jack FM
97-9 Jack FM
93-1 Jack FM
100.3 Jack FM
We Play What We Want
by 1069 May 17, 2006
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One of the 2 main underwear styes. They are good for 2 things

1. Support
2. Hiding your erection

They are bad for 2 others:

1. Wedgies
2. Embarrassment
I got a big woody today in class and it was embarrassing. Next time I'm wearing briefs under my boxers.
by 1069 December 27, 2005
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Large band in which every member wears sheets. Their music seems inspirational and positive.
The Polyphonic Spree is an interesting band
by 1069 October 15, 2005
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A browser from Mozilla. Its a GREAT browser. Chances are everything will run faster. Does a great job at blocking popups and keeping spyware away. The only downsides are:

1. Takes up a LOT more memory then Internet Explorer. 28MB compared to IE's 10MB.

2. Requires new plugins to view certain things.

3. Certain things won't work with it.
Mozilla Firefox is a great browser for people who hate IE.
by 1069 April 24, 2005
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Female pop/rock artist from Ontario Canada. Commonly hated by people who think she's fake or a poser. Like the way T.A.T.U. was first marketed as lesbians, she was probably marketed as a Sk8er punk girl by her management because when her second album came out she was dressed completely different. Same thing with T.A.T.U. Now they're no longer lesbians. Its all marketing.
Avril Lavigne was probably MARKETED as a sk8er punk girl.
by 1069 December 1, 2005
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Time Warner Cable's internet service. Beats the crap out of dial up and DSL anyday.
Roadrunner kicks lots of ass.
by 1069 November 27, 2005
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Alternative to jail for teenagers where you're treated like you're in the military.

Where Maury sends out of control teenagers.
Alright you're going to boot camp
by 1069 November 11, 2006
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