Premium channel from the people who brought you HBO. Known for airing a lot of soft core porn.
Let's all go watch Cinemax.
by 1069 September 26, 2006
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A cable channel that shows movies most of the time. Other than that they show gross crap Real Sex that shows old people doing it (ICK).

Cinemax was formed in 1980 by HBO and was the first premium cable tier.
by star8706 November 8, 2003
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When a woman on a made for TV Cinemax movie is supposed to be the "unattractive one", and is forced to wear glasses and a ponytail. She is always given an opportunity to later take off her glasses, and shake out her ponytail, to suddenly become sexy.
"Dude, would you smash Rachel?"
"Hell yeah! I saw her on the beach last week ...she's Cinemax Hot."
by Bornlucky9398 October 16, 2017
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