(adj) Conceited, superior, having an air of bitchy hauteur particularly with regard to personal appearance - but with good reason.
Mary looked fabulous but nobody talked to her because she was all stush.

Don't get stush with me - I knew you before your lipo, ok?
by sean white January 18, 2006
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a girl or boy who acts/says they are buff/hot/kriss. may lead others along then let them down.
Stush girl: mmmm...maybe another time
rejected boy: cmon girl, why you so stush
by *!* November 5, 2003
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another term for stupid girls wanting to be the hot stuff of the school
"Headline: Fugly ho makes stush of herself"
by pPoOcH October 2, 2006
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(adj) Conceited, superior, having an air of bitchy hauteur particularly with regard to personal appearance - but with good reason.
-Wrong,this was almost right,a stush person acts conceited and believes he/she is superior,etc,particularly with regards to personal appearance,but infact they look a foolnot with good reason.They probably spent a fortune on their appearance/clothes but wear all the wrong things!
eg:A man with a gaytail (bleached mullet),pink shirt,ripped jeans,shoes,sweatband,etc is stush,he believes he looks incredible,infact he looks like an ugly woman.
means a girl that thinks she's all that and a bag of potato chips and that every guy wants a bit of her ass
-Sort of correct,exactly the same as above statement,but for women,the sort of dozy mare wearing her jeans tucked into her boots,unsexy shoes or clothes,or whatever a Z-list celeb has been spotted wearing in Heat magazine but thinks she's all that,the stush part is that the person believes they are all that when really they are not they just attract a stush member of the opposite sex.
paris hilton is stush
-That's the part that is incorrect sort of,going by above description,Paris Hilton is genuinely hot not stush.
But stush has a double meaning,because although the above is true you can also use the word stush as a jokey compliment:
a girl/boy has dressed up smart for their prom and you can say:
"look at you all looking stush/all stushed up"
by 2nzy July 11, 2006
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Another word for sexy/buff/hot
Used in reference to another person

Another word for something good
1a- Girl: Damn, that boi is stush

b-Boy: dat girl's ass is stush!

2- Bobby valentino's new track is stush
by gangsta chik August 27, 2005
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in a gals case a dick tease basically lol will say she will do sumtink wid a boi den wen it cums to it says next time for a boi acts as if he aint interested but flirts like mad
girl-yea 2moz i promise
boy-u always say dat and it neva happens ur such a stush!!
*me dan and lea r stushes muwhahaha*
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Regional term for someone from the Geelong area of Australia.
"Yeah, he's a stush alright."
by James Garrett April 11, 2006
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