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A Mario game that lets you make your own Mario levels, as well as exposing somebody's sadistic side while inducing rage.
Arin: Danny, let's play more of Ross' levels in Super Mario Maker!

Danny: (Plays one of Ross' levels) Fuck!!!

Arin: (Proceeds to murder Ross)
by -anonymous15 October 16, 2015
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A medium large dog breed originating from Newfoundland. They come in three colors according to the AKC. They are the most popular breed in US for many reasons. And you will find hair laying around if one is close by.
"My dog Murphy is a Labrador Retriever."
by -anonymous15 January 8, 2014
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I ordered a Moana theme cake for my daughter's birthday, they gave me a marijuana cake instead.
by -anonymous15 August 4, 2019
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1. The first Power Rangers Season since Saban Brands bought the franchise back from Disney.

2. An adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

3. The reason Power Rangers should have ended at Power Rangers RPM.
Jayden: Let's watch some Power Rangers Samurai!

Takeru: Watch Shinkenger you prick! *throws sword at Jayden*
by -anonymous15 August 11, 2014
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To put some grated parmasean cheese in between the gums and lower lip
Before leaving Olive Garden, I took a pinch of grated parmasean to have an italian dip
by -anonymous15 October 27, 2019
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Mexican slang term for "she can win".
Juan's wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
by -anonymous15 September 23, 2014
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