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Mexican slang term for "she can win".
Juan's wife plays the lottery so chicken wing some money.
by -anonymous15 September 23, 2014
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1. The first Power Rangers Season since Saban Brands bought the franchise back from Disney.

2. An adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

3. The reason Power Rangers should have ended at Power Rangers RPM.
Jayden: Let's watch some Power Rangers Samurai!

Takeru: Watch Shinkenger you prick! *throws sword at Jayden*
by -anonymous15 August 11, 2014
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I ordered a Moana theme cake for my daughter's birthday, they gave me a marijuana cake instead.
by -anonymous15 August 4, 2019
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A small rural town in Indiana that is full of white people, hispanic workers.

Majority of the kids want to move out of Sheridan when they grow up because there isn't much worth doing.

The only things it has running for them are their amazing football team, Mexican restaurant and Stuart's Steakhouse which is a
popular spot for motorcyclists.

Most of our teachers are dumb bitches, the good teachers often go to another school after 2 years.

Most of the students are neglected save for the jocks. Male jocks secretly love to take showers with one another. And the school is filled with posers.

And is home of the Sheridan Blackhawks which suspiciously sounds like Black cocks.
Are you from Sheridan, Indiana? You must know the Coach then.
by -anonymous15 September 22, 2013
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A black person who practices Judaism.
If you see a gathering of black people praying at a Synagogue, is it a Black Sabbath?
by -anonymous15 October 22, 2018
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Have you seen Captain Marvel yet? No. It has that c.u.b. Brie Larson.
by -anonymous15 July 31, 2021
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To put some grated parmasean cheese in between the gums and lower lip
Before leaving Olive Garden, I took a pinch of grated parmasean to have an italian dip
by -anonymous15 October 27, 2019
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