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1. By far one of the greatest people who have ever live and not because he was the first widely famous black guitarist.

2. Mastered ever possible guitar technique, including playing a guitar on fire and play it with his teeth.

3. Recorded songs while high on LSD's and Purple Haze.
By far one of the greatest men in the music industry, no one is as good as him and no one ever will be, fuck Slash, fuck Van Halen and any other fucking turdburgler who picked up a guitar and thought they will ever be as good as him.

Some Hits:
1. Purple Haze
2. Manic Depression
3. Foxy Lady
4. Star Spangled Banner (with his teeth)
5. Easy Rider
6. Are you Experienced?
7. Can you see me?
8. Fire
9. I Don't live today
10. Stone Free

Just to begin with...
by -=.SeNor.NeUvA.YoRk.=- February 09, 2005
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The greatest free online game, which once was worth the entire week-end to play, but now because of some dumbass AA Devs, Hackers, Ghosters and Noobies have invaded this game. Such faggots as the {wTf} which is devoted to hacking and ruining anything that used to be great on the internet.
All Devs and hackers, should be brought to the Artic, stripped down, thrown in a Lake with a new breed of Artic Pirahna, which only go for the crotch, then they shall be pulled out and exectued with Bazooka's from close range.
by -=.SeNor.NeUvA.YoRk.=- February 22, 2005
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The act in which you walk into a Vancity Bank located in Vancouver British Columbia, and in under 2 Minutes you take all the female tellers into the bank vault and have crazy sex, with ever possible sexual move invented put into a short 2 minute orgy, and afterwards stick all possible 5 dollar bills on the tellers' with cum.
Dude i Did the Vancity Cherry Popper last night i accidently walked out with a 50 dollar bill on my left nut...
by -=.SeNor.NeUvA.YoRk.=- April 24, 2005
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The McGrimace is the combination of the principal of Stratford Hall ( James McConell ) and that fatass who loves Milkshake from McDonald's.
Guy 1 :Dude i Just saw McGrimace!

Guy 2 :Who?

Guy 1 :McGrimace

Guy 2 :Who?

Guy 1 :McGrimace!

Guy 2: Ha, you said his name 3 times now he appears and bites you left nut off.
by -=.SeNor.NeUvA.YoRk.=- April 24, 2005
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1. The Orignal All-American Muscle Car.
2. Made by Ford, which was once the greatest car company of all time created by Henry Ford, but due to the recent crappy-ass management, came out with such retarded cars as Aerostar, Escort and Taurus which totally ruined the entire name that was Ford
3. The 7 letters that all Camaro, Firebird, Trans-Am owners see as it passes the finish line. All other cars are not worth racing, even if they got a head start.
4. Only existing car series to exist from the 3 listed above.
5. The only decent car of Ford that is left
Mustang's, Shelby's, Cobra's and GT's are all the epiphany of American Muscle, but have lost their Legendary performance and respect because of Ford's new crappy management.
by -=.SeNoR.NeUvA.YoRk.=- July 06, 2005
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1. Wang
2. Dong
3. One-Eyed Monster
4. Trouser Trout
5. Trouser Snake
6. Cock
7. Dick
8. Baby Arm
9. Dinky
10. Hand Held Device
11. Anti-Lesbian Device
12. Cherry Popper
13. Wiener
14. Reproducer
15. White Army Base
16. The Banana
17. Cream Filled Twinkie
18. Pickle
19. One-Eyed Purple-headed warrior
20. The Handbrake
21. Crotch Companion
22. Tadpole
23. Larger Clitoris
24. Plain Macaroni
25. Pvt. Johnson
Now think of 25 for Vagina...
by -=.SeNoR.NeUvA.YoRk.=- February 01, 2005
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