An area of northeast London, UK, situated in Newham, one of the poorest boroughs in the city. It has recently acquired some degree of fame as the location of the main Olympic Stadium for London 2012, leading to it becoming known as the "Olympic Borough". The problem with this is that it has led to the whole area being a perpetually unfinished mess of roadworks and chewing gum, with the glitz and glamour of Westfield and the Stadium separated by a literal wall of shops from the grimy residential areas full of kebab houses, flower shops and knife crime. In short, a complete and utter mess. To be avoided if at all possible - unless you live there, in which case you probably don't have enough money to leave.
Since the Olympic building projects got underway I've found it increasingly difficult to leave my house, since I live in Stratford.
by thehuw July 20, 2012
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bumblefuck hicktown
Def. 1 Stratford is a pretty little town at least 45 minutes from anything useful. Here you can find the festival theatre, where we put on shakespearean plays and musicals - we're world renowned for it! You can also find - um - uh- let's see- we're the pork capital of ontario!
Def. 2 Hell for unique, interesting, non-drinking/punky teenagers.
Darling, let's visit scenic Stratford, which pretends to be cultured when it's really just another dying farm town!
by wherrthelions January 30, 2009
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Where the men are men and the woman are too. You’ll be lucky if you find somebody with teeth and everybody’s dating their cousin.
Girl 1: your moms only 30 why doesn’t she have any teeth?
Girl 2: she grew up in Stratford, my grandpas my cousin too
by DCS v-ball #20 February 8, 2019
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the place of no return due to 100% chance of getting stabbed.
someone got stabbed in stratford....AGAIN!
by niksan September 15, 2006
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Stony startford is a historic town, where the old the 'Cock and bull' story was originated, Stony Stratford or Stony for short is home to many pubs and chip shops, Also home to the 'Cock hotel' And 'The Bull'. Stony has many things to do around every season, Folk on the green in june where lots of musical talents get together for a musical gathering over the space of an afternoon, Every December Everybody from Stony stratford and Old stratford get together and celebrate the birth of jesus, by hanging lights from the roofs of the old and historic buildings.
'Cock and Bull Story originated from Stony stratford'
'Musical Gathering Over an afternoon at Stony Stratford.'
by Robyn Holbum June 21, 2008
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When in a pool with a hot girl, one slides her bathing suit over to finger bang her.
Courtney looked like she was talking to Kevin, but really he pulled a Stratford Slide on her.
by TheManFromNantucket August 21, 2015
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