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A cousin of both the motorboat and the cleveland steamer, this difficult maneuver can only be done by a true fecaphile. After releasing one's bowels onto a woman's chest the classic motorboat is performed to the delight of all involved.
After a violent shart onto Gertrudes chest Hector quickly spins around and they relish in a lovely chocolate motorboat.
by *samIam* January 03, 2008

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After a rather violent bout of laxitive fueled anal penetration, partner A removes the feces covered semen filled condom from the still engorged member of partner B. Upon removal, the condom is inflated by mouth and popped. Hilarity ensues
Ben pulled out of Jerry who, much like a flash of lightning, spun to retrieve the spent condom, blew it up, and popped that turkish pinata all over his bearded ice cream face.
by *samIam* January 03, 2008

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Otherwise known as the taint or the chode, assticles typically occur in men of advanced age. After gravity has taken its toll on the scrotum, the advanced stretching begins to affect the anus. Eventually they become one.
Harold was in the bathroom the other day battling with some troubling constipation. To his surprise his scrotum lapped delicately at the water. He called to his wife. "Gertrude!"

"What is it Harold" she replied.
"Get in here and tell me why my balls are in the water" he gasped.
"OMG Harold!" she exclaimed. "You have assticles you filthy old fucker!"
by *samIam* February 19, 2010

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The act of vomiting onto a woman's or a rather gynecomastic gentleman's chest whilst imitating the sound of a motorboat by blowing air through closed lips.
Icculus, after a rather sumptuous feast, gave Septiva a hearty roman motorboat betwixt her lovely cassava melons.
by *samIam* January 03, 2008

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A wrinkled and relatively dry vagina. Often caused by years of excessive use or drought. Common in the wake of cougardom.
I toe fucked your grandmother's prunetang last night buddy. That is one nasty gilf
Don't call me buddy, friend.
by *samIam* August 20, 2010

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The practice of defecating a large sturdy floater, admiring said poopsicle and urinating on it. A well aimed healthy stream of urine causes the "log" to roll.
"Hey, Moonshine Jimmy!"

"Whats happening, Prune Juice Doyle?"

"You sure were in the outhouse for quite a spell, eh?"

"Yep. Squeaky George let out a 13 inch floater and we were having a hell of a time logrolling!"
by *samIam* January 13, 2012

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A difficult maneuver that requires both patience and planning, the chocodile is not for the faint of heart. One must first collect, through unspeakable means, a generous amount of healthy fecal matter. Said feces must then be transferred into a large heavy duty condom such as magnum. Complete product must then be stored in the freezer for no less than three hours. Upon removal, firm poopsicle is then inserted into any expectant orifice to the delight of everyone.
That chocodile butt plug was the best!
by *samIam* January 03, 2008

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