Lack of seriousness
Odi is such a frivolity person
by Enjoyer December 4, 2021
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lacking importance- adjective
I was apalled that she would spend tons of money on something so frivolous
by parisologyperson May 22, 2008
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1. gleefully giddy and filled with spunky joy

2. happy and possibly gay in the 50s kind of way

3. Any alternative adjective
"You are hot...yet at the same time...FRIVOLENT."
by The Zeb & Larisa June 29, 2005
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A combination of "frivolous" and "drivel", refers to any meaningless babble.
I drove my teenage daughter and her friends to the mall yesterday. I think I've had my fill of frivol for the year.

"Did you get her recent Tweet?"
"No. I don't follow frivol."
by qoagt April 14, 2009
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an adjective to describe how you are feeling at the moment
used when too many people stole your word or aren't sure how describe your mood
by ughish December 12, 2008
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To help a person realize that their frivolous thoughts or ideas are frivolous. Essentially "dumbing down" their frivolous thoughts or ideas to help them realize how frivolous their thinking was if that person has not realized it.

Frivolize is a combination of the terms "frivolous" and "realize." May also be spelled "frivolise," due to how the U.K. spelling of "realize" is "realise."
You shouldn't public advertise your concern because it is a frivolous concern; however, you do let such frivolous concern bother you, which means you don't realize how frivolous your concern is. Therefore, let me try to "frivolize" your concern to a more comprehensible level for you.
by kjle58 November 12, 2011
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n: to frivole - to be gangsta: gangsta activities

adj: to be stylish; hotness; fa sho

disease: to have frivolitis - Well to break it down, "itis" is /inflamation of/ and "friv" is /gangsta/ and "o" is just a combining vowel.
-Man O-dub, you are so frivolous
-Why thank you, you have my blessings
by Owie and the FG's November 25, 2004
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