A replaceable term for anything meaning of a sexual act, reproductive body part, or usually anything sexual. This can be interchangeable with any race, gender, etc.
1) Dude, I met this chick last night and, later, she totally played with my schnoo!

2) Yeah, but what if later we begin to schnoo?

3) ARGUUHH. What are you doing!?! Don't look at my schnoo!
by B.D.K January 18, 2010
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1. an absence of being; a lifeless existence
2. an action displaying any or all qualities schnoo
3. a gathering of 4 or more peruvian blacksmiths.
1. Just trying to schnoo in the next little bit
2. I freaked out when becky started to schnoo from her schnoo. Thank god it was just cottage cheese.
3. Hey, check out that schnoo drinking peruvian wine. They are starting to look pretty shoeless
by Ross G July 10, 2008
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