Has kissed as many guys as girls
by ? August 22, 2003
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Redneck metal "straight out da trailer" from the otherwise unknown town of danville virginia. Sloburn is the prime example middle aged pot-heads who are more concerned with becoming "rock stars" than keeping their kids from becoming complete and total wastes of time. Like most bands their primary audience is 12- 16 year old "goth" kids that are friends with their children. They claim they sound like Lamb of God and Pantera but in actuallity both of those bands would not only laugh their asses off but just might commit suicide if they got word that sloburn is comparing their music to them.

In conclusion do NOT listen to sloburn unless you are looking for music to finally make you stop talking about suicide and just do it already.

Need more proof, how about the fact that all the other listings for sloburn are about gay men?
Kevin- "hey, my parents are in this band called sloburn. you should check them out!"

Me- "yeah, you know, uh, i would, but i think that it just might make me go on a rampage and kill everyone else in the club who is dumb enough to think they're good."
by foundationforasloburnfreeUSA September 19, 2009
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