Former name of the Russian city St. Petersburg under communist rule. Used to be the capital of Russia before the Revolution. Leningradians are very proud of their city and think they are much more cultured then Moskovites, and think they suffered more from the Nazis then other cities.

They may be right.
"It was a long and terrible siege, but we survived. Troy fell. Rome fell. Leningrad did not fall!"
by LWM January 8, 2008
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When one individual defecates upon another two (2) individuals, who are duct taped together, whilst the two (2) individuals are naked and engaging in penetrative intercourse. The defecating individual then proceeded to rub his or her face in the defecated material, orally licking it clean. In order to apply, the defecation must contact the outer labia of the female reproductive anatomy, and the urethra of the male reproductive system.
Cleveland and that Russian Broad had a leningrad steamer last night with Rylo
by Cheesemonster May 18, 2015
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an amazing french canadian band. they make fast loud technoish music, and have probably the best concerts ever.
did you see les georges leningrad play in philly? that singer sure can wail.
by anna case June 12, 2005
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