to have anal sex with a man
John was eating popcorn with Will all night.
by SmuttyAZ January 17, 2008
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code for having SEX; The act of being naughty...very naughty!
1. On Sunday Sami is eating popcorn in her parent's shower.
2. I'm eating popcorn in my room.
3. Mom: You can't go to the drive in with him. I won't allow it.
Daughter: But mom we are only eating popcorn.
4. If Sami keeps eating popcorn she will get pregnant.
by Sosa June 22, 2006
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This refers to watching someone else's arguments or difficulties for amusement.
my boss has no idea what the hell he is talking about, i am going to sit back and eat some popcorn.
by person00009384 May 7, 2009
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