Every white person in America that claims to be 'part' Native American.
I'm part Indian on my great grand mother's brother's uncle's sister side (Pretendian) but I don't have any way of proving it.
by ScoobyDooGang April 15, 2007
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One who claims to be Indian but doesn't exhibit Indian qualities or isn't Indian. It can also apply to a non-Indian who hangs around with nothing but Indians. Can apply to both India Indians and Native American Indians.
Steven is such a pretendian.
by N0WH3R3K1D April 15, 2007
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An actor or actress of non-Native American descent who plays a Native American on the screen or stage.
I'm not an Indian, but I play one on TV.

So, you're a pretendian?

Taylor Lautner, in the new Twilight film, prime example of a modern day pretendian.
by Roger Darrelson February 17, 2010
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A motorcycle styled to look like the classic Indian motorcycles, but made from Harley-Davidson clone parts, or by another motorcycle company (i.e. Kawasaki).
That Pretendian may look like an old Indian, but it's really a Harley clone beneath the sheet metal.
by Baygul February 4, 2011
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Any white person claiming to be Native American but has no ties to the culture or ethnic groups. Another term meaning the same thing would be 5$ Indian.
White Guy: My grandmother was an Aztec princess you can tell by my cheekbones and the stories she told me.

Any Sensible Person: You’re a pretendian.
by nomorepretendians February 21, 2023
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1. Also called Race Shifter, Identity Thief, Colonizer, Cultural Appropriator. A member of any ethnic group claiming to be Indigenous, for their own personal gain.

2. Any non-Indigenous person who misappropriates stories, culture etc. for their own purposes.

3. Anyone who follows the Indian Act rule, where the government decides who is Indigenous and who is not Indigenous.

4. Any non-Indigenous person who believes that Indigeneity can be purchased through DNA tests.
“Pretendians are everywhere!”
“Pretendians say I think Indigenous, therefore I am Indigenous.”

“Pretendians say my grandmother was an Indian Princess.”
by Miss Chief 1492 August 5, 2023
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