Dec 13
1. to smoke(usually marijuana)
2. to start a cipher(see cipher)

Eastern NC slang
Tryna' burn up after work?
by PScril June 10, 2009
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Dec 12
grotesque odor; unpleasurable scent
Keep on, Dey gon' find yo' body somewhere stankin'!
by FPC July 08, 2005
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Dec 10
Second Person Plural.
A grammatical necessity which is sadly lacking in the English Language.
French has "vous" (informal and formal)
and German has "ihr" (informal) and Sie (formal).

The southern USA version is "you all"
Youse are too many to all get into the one car.
by baligeko September 21, 2010
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Dec 9
A word that when spelled backwards, turns into a different yet valid english word. They always come in pairs, for obvious reasons. Similar to a palindrome, but with different words instead of the same.

Maps <-> spaM

Desserts <-> stresseD
desserts and stressed are a pair of Levidromes.
by Hanashiaite November 03, 2017
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Dec 7
when somethin needs to be said outloud so every can here; opposite of low key
aye high key tho, that female is extra fine
by H-Weezy January 02, 2009
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