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'Where sport and porn meet and produce a huge money shot'

Coined by British writer Mark Simpson - who also coined the term 'metrosexual' - in OUT magazine in 2006.

Used to describe the phenomenon of professional male athletes such as David Beckham, Freddie Ljunberg and various naked rugby players, posing naked - or almost naked - and oiled up in homoerotic poses on the side of buses to sell men's briefs and nudie male calendars.

Also used to describe inadvertently, sometimes comically pornographic-seeming snaps of sporting action - usually male team sports where one player appears to be mounting another or giving a blow job.
'Almost everywhere you look, sports, advertising and fashion seem to have jumped into bed to produce a spornographic money shot. Sports stars have become sporno stars. How did this happen? What does it mean? And where can I get hold of a pair of those pants?'

- Mark Simpson, 'The London Times', July 2008
by footballcrazy April 12, 2009
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slang for "Sport porn." Coined by Out Magazine. Seductive photos of athletes. (Usually modeling underwear.) Favored by gays. Athletes have grown to embrace their gay fans.
Sporno-Calvin Klein ads featuring Freddie Lunjburg. Dolce & Gabana ads featuring Italian soccer players.
by Hannah000 December 17, 2006
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Sports + porno = sporno.

When athletes are coincidentally looking as if they were exercising whatever form of sexual intercourse, and right in that instant some sneaky journalist takes a picture of them.
by shitnobodycaresabout April 02, 2009
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