Said in response to a loud belch or passing of gas.
A form of congratulations.
Nice out, bro!
by rokkrose October 19, 2007
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When a girl has a large ass that is impossible to miss and you have to let the homies know without saying “damn that girl has a phat ass
*Girl walks by with phat ass* Yo Brian it’s nice out *turns head to ass*
by Pokeypakbou September 14, 2019
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A response to a question of which you have no idea what their referring to (most likely due to inattentive listening or general indifference to the subjest matter)
James: I am going to punch your lights out you freak!
Bob: Yeah, it is nice out.

Sarah: Does this outfit make me look fat?
James: Yeah, it is nice out.
by SARAH December 16, 2004
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When someone has loud and wants to smoke
it's fucking nice out who wants to chill and smoke some loud?
by The real scorpion BBC September 27, 2017
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to force the issue with flattery

to get what you want by praising, sweet talking, etc., the other party
She wasn't putting out, so he had to nice it out of her.

You wants some, baby? You're gonna have to nice it out me.
by Bruce and Joan May 18, 2006
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When a person or a group of people attempt to compete with another person or institution and clearly falls short.
D. Yang Out Niced D. Itkin in every way possible.
by TheSwagYang September 27, 2010
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