Expressive of the user's complete lack of desire to engage in any further activity in the future with said person.
Dave couldn't believe he'd spent all day with such a boring, unattractive woman.

"We should do something sometime." He said, embracing her lightly without inviting her in.
by Pecan Pie April 30, 2004
Top Definition
Common expression used when faced with once friends or with someone you just used for something and feel like you need to make it up to them by hanging out or doing something with them sometime. In reality, this 'something' will most likely not happen anytime.
Oh wow! I haven't seen you in a while. How are you? GOOD! well, I gotta go, but we should do something sometime! can't forget the *wince* Call me!
by Madison April 20, 2004
When used by a guy on a chick, means he digs her and wants to ask her out, but is too pround/chickened to ask.

However, when the same phrase is employed by a chick, its more like a polite way to say "i'm not really interested."
Guy, "hey you're pretty cool. We should do something sometime"

Girl, "Sure, we should do something sometime."
by VeryFabdoll April 25, 2004
something you say when you are stunned with the sight of a previous acquaintance and are too stoned to thing of something better to say.
"oh, dude, hey what's up. what have you been doing.....well call me and we'll definitely have to do something sometime."
by shern July 27, 2004
We should hang out. Sometimes used as a shy version of "we should go on a date".
"You like Tarantino movies too?!? We should do something sometime"
by Booty April 29, 2004
Although this sounds like quite a positive remark, there are really just two possible meanings:

1. the speaker may feel sorry for the recipient party, while they block your screen name and phone number. And file a restraining order. See also rejection hotline.

2. the speaker sincerely hopes that they never have to look at your face again. ever.
Ex. 1: I really enjoyed looking through your extensive pocket protector collection. We should do something sometime.

Ex. 2: I'm really sorry i ran over your dog and threw it into reverse several times. Anyways, we should do something sometime.
by the pimpmeister April 26, 2004
A statement that implies certain level of interest in subject noun. Indirect question of asking someone to do something with you.
Can often duplicitous or ambiguous, playing role as a "single" from opposite sex.
Alison: What's up Jimmy?
Jimmy: Not much, how are you?
Alison: I'm good, just a lil tired from school.
Jimmy: You know, we should do something sometime afterschool
Alison: Yeah, that be cool.
by Jimmy April 22, 2004
an excuse for someting to say at the end of conversations or after meeting with an old friend.
hey carla! i havnt seen you in ages!
yeah.. we should do something sometime...
sure thing!
by Qwerty April 21, 2004
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