Used to pick someone up without actually asking them on a date.

A casual suggestion to hang out with anyone, without sounding desperate.
You got anything planned? We should do something sometime.
by phex April 26, 2004
a vague-ity, but with positive intent. Saying this allows you to test the water, but is sufficiently vague to allow you to maintain a sense of detachment from the question.
MR UGLY MAN: we should do something sometime,?

MS SEXY LADY: erm, yeah (but doesn't show further interest than that)

MR UGLY MAN: *thinks* oh well...
by AnDeH April 24, 2004
TRANSLATION: I will never see you again in my life.
Jake: So Shelly, do you want to go on another date?

Shelly: Yeah, we should do something sometime.
by andrew apocolypse November 24, 2004
A term used on the opposite sex with 2 different meanings based on who says it.
men: I want to fuck
women: i want to shop
Man:We should do something sometime(while dropping pants)
Woman: We should do something sometime (while holding credit cards)
by Festo April 29, 2004
vague way to lose someone
he says: we should do something sometime
he means: I never want to see you again. Ever.
by Mike April 29, 2004
A phrase which is employed as an attempt or means of remaining on good terms with a person who one does not particularly like or with whom one does not truly wish to associate.
"Oh...hey. Um, yeah, I'm well. You? That's, uh, good. Yeah, we, uh -- yeah, we should do something sometime. Totally."
by aesthete April 26, 2004
1. Let's do it.

2. What a girl says when you've freaked her out and she just wants to get out of your sight.
1. ...and let's do it now.

2. <backs away slowly> "So I hear you're into sheep... That's... cool... We should do something... sometime... I guess... Well, bye!" <runs>
by The Ugly One April 24, 2004
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