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1. To perceive and comprehend the nature and significance of; grasp; gather. “Ya dig? Yeah I can dig it”

2. To find attractive, pleasant, to enjoy. “I dig on that Trim, man; girl is fine!”
"U see that honkey mofo be messin with my old lady?" 'Yeah man I can dig it, that brotha be pickin up on you man.'
by Matt Hoyt February 10, 2004
dig break up, turn, or loosen (earth) with an implement love something
1: I dig holes
2: I dig holes
by SidneySid February 18, 2005
Your house. Or crib. You get the picture.
Wanna come check out my dig?
by bobie January 24, 2005
1. To understand something

2. to appriciate or like something.
I'll bet she really digs him.
by Light Joker January 06, 2005
1) To understand

2) To like.
1) can you dig it?

2) I dig that Pac Cd
by ac January 31, 2004
A word to use when you're insulting someone. Like a "burn" or a "blast". An insult. A dig isn't usually meant seriously. It's normally used in a joking manner with a hint of truth. :)
"Nice dig. OUCH!" or "She got her little digs in"
by Astrocat August 17, 2005
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