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One of Gods gifts to man. They can make you cry, laugh, horny, tired, excited, scared and more. Without movies this world wouldn't be as good.
Bob: I love movies.
Jim: Me to.
Bob: Let's go watch Road Trip.
Jim: Sounds good.
by Oz January 28, 2005
An excuse for making out in public, or at a friend's house.
Randy:Shane invited us over to watch Saw II and some other movie. Want to just go to make out on his couch?
Angela: Sure. Shane's such a dumbass anyways.
by IdleWild April 04, 2006
The Greatest art form of the 20th Century.
The Godfather is a great movie.
by Dan Gaertner November 09, 2003
1. a film; short for 'moving picture'.
2. a mindset or trip that a person or group is on.
3. a situation or event/goings-on.
1. "Wanna go see a movie?"
2. "America's still in it's patriotism movie."
3. "I'd love to go, but I have a dinner movie happening."
by 2day September 07, 2005
An excuse to create miniatures.
In our movie, we used over 400 miniatures. We blew most of them up.
by Rusty Spell January 30, 2004
Used to describe something epic or well orchestrated, like a good movie is.
Yo did you were you at that party last night? It was a movie.

We workin on this new shit right now, this finna be a movie.
by Izzard the Wizard March 04, 2012
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