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Excuse me, but if I don't get to the restroom, there's going to be a mess.
See shit happens.

Woodjoo move? I gotta go!
by Downstrike September 09, 2004
The Sunday School incarnation of the universal religious concept of shit happens.
See shit happens for some of the other denominational incarnations of shit happens.
by FridgeRaider November 08, 2004
Phrase stated when person #1 is bored/unfascinated with person #2 and wants to get on with their life.

Often stated as "I gtg."
Person #1- Hey do you wanna go to Linda's party tomorrow night? It'll be really fun and a lot of our friends are gonna come.
Person #2- k
Person #1- I gtg.

Person #1-Blah, blah blah, my friend, blah, so much fun, blah, lol
Person #2- I gotta go.
by Gtg!!! June 13, 2011
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