Phrase used by a person when they don't want to hang out with another person. Basically an excuse to get out of something. Ends up meaning that you'll:

o1.) Never see them again.
o2.) Ignore them from now on.
Ugly guy: "Hi. Do you wanna go out with me?"
Pretty girl: "Umm.. *pity look* sure.. maybe we should do something sometime.."
by dee-jay elle April 21, 2004
"I know I have no chance w/ you, but I am saying this because it would be really fun. I'm a loser, so just say 'yeah...' and walk away."
"We should do something sometime!"
by Sammy AntonGiovanni April 29, 2004
A polite way of saying "I know you, but I don't like you well enough to make definite plans, so I'll leave you thinking that I at least considered having a night-out with you."
Oh my God..Sarah?? Wow, long time no see! Hey, I can't stay to chat, but we should definitely do something sometime!
by z3phyr April 28, 2004
n. let's have sex now. or else.
jon said to jenna, "we should do something sometime"
by sekio April 21, 2004
what you say to someone when you really don't ever wanna see them again because you aren't interested in them
Liz: I had fun, we should do this again sometime.

TRANSLATION: You bored the shit out of me and I'm not interested whatsoever! Never call me again.
by Ali April 21, 2004
What a person says when they see an old aquaintance that maybe they met once or twice, and that they thought making out with was a good idea at the time. You may or may not remember their name, and this is what u say when they want to get together.
Them: Hey! Oh my god, you're looking so hot. Here's my number! I never got yours... how funny.
You: Um, hi. Yeah, I'll take your number. We should do something sometime. *coughcough
by CurryChild September 04, 2004
Expressive of the user's complete lack of desire to engage in any further activity in the future with said person.
Dave couldn't believe he'd spent all day with such a boring, unattractive woman.

"We should do something sometime." He said, embracing her lightly without inviting her in.
by Pecan Pie April 30, 2004
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