something you say to someone you haven't seen for a while or don't know too well to end a conversation.
Hey Jam! Haven't seen you since you and Sara broke up. What's up? We should do something sometime.
by p April 28, 2004
You and I ought to get together at some time in the future, spend time together, engage in a social activity.
Hey, Joe, you're a fun guy...we should do something sometime.
by Holly April 30, 2004
in other words, hells naw!
"Um, yeah, i guess we can hang out. We should do something sometime, in like a moneth."
by Los Wiz April 29, 2004
Something to say to someone you havent seen in a while.....probably for good reason....this saying is a good way to make the person think you want to hang out with them with out really committing to plans
"Hey Henrietta, I havent seen you in forever!"
*snort* "Yeah, want to see my insect collection?" *snort*
"Yeah, I cant today but we should do something sometime"
by Sos ya mama April 22, 2004
something a girl says to a guy making the guy think that the girl likes him, when really all she means that you are doomed to be her friend forever and nothing more. see the ladder theory.
Mary: hey joe, wanna do something sometime?
Joe: okay (i think she likes me)
by Trevor April 28, 2004
Some one who is wants to hook up with some one and fuck her cause he cant get his own girl friend so he needs to pimp on littler girls.
Hey i have never seen u in my life, we should do something sometime. SO Can we fuc know or later
by Scott Hillegass April 28, 2004

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