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I word used commonly to fill awkward space in conversations
I erm, ran over my car with your cat.

...erm, what?
by Nikkole December 13, 2005
awkward space filler used in tense or boring conversations
dude: wanna go bowling?
Dudette:i can't as my mother recently died when she tripped over my father, killing him, who fell on my cat Mr. Tiddles, crushing him flat. All my other relatives then died of shock.
by I am made of a special metal October 31, 2006
Erm is a word which erm people who erm engage their mouths before their erm brains say a lot.
"Excuse me, erm, do you know the way to erm, thingy road?"
by Fira November 02, 2005
george bushe's favourite saying
`whats the president of england'
`how old are you president bush'
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
an irish saying for ummm
ermmmm....i think so
by steph December 16, 2004
A word used whenever one feels insecure or unsure about a situation, person or place in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere.
Conversation example:

Person 1: "Whats up?"
Person 2: "Nothing."

*Akward silence*

Person 1: "Erm."
Person 2: "That's much better. Let's go buy some fish."
by Delusional China Doll October 29, 2006
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