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18 definitions by Booty

1) A shortened version of "yeah", commonly used on the internet in chat rooms and e-mail.

2) A slang version of you
1) Ya, I don't masturbate anymore because I have to talk to Sophie

2) I feel so tired today, ya know?
by Booty April 30, 2004
I don't care anymore.
"Sorry about standing you up Saturday night"

"It's cool, I'm over it"
by Booty April 29, 2004
We should hang out. Sometimes used as a shy version of "we should go on a date".
"You like Tarantino movies too?!? We should do something sometime"
by Booty April 29, 2004
Literally, "call me". May be said by someone who doesn't want to do the calling themselves, for various reasons.
"That was fun, we should do it again sometime."

"yeah, call me."
by Booty April 29, 2004
kept notes and special attention to what a perhaps significant someone is doing at all times.
"that girl is so damn protective and paranoid, always keepin tabs on her boy n his crew."
by booty January 20, 2004
A piece of ass, aka wanting to get with someone.
"MM! I'd like to take home a piece of that!"
by Booty April 29, 2004
An insult used on your girlfriend if she won't give ya none.
"Sophie turned her back to me in bed, so I poked her boob and said "titty titty""
by Booty April 29, 2004