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Smallest state, most out of New Englanders think is an actual Island.

Big Blue Bug, "Free Buddy," Thayer's Street, clubbing in Providence, townies at the warwick mall, no school in Foster Gloster, bridges, islands, and summer beaches with a cup of del's and vodka.
Rhode Island is that island off New York, right?

by madison February 18, 2005
Home of Brown University (the only thing NYC socialites know the state for, due to rich college bound kids), RISD (thus the crazy shit on telephone poles and insanely dressed thayer's street shoppers), Providence Place Mall (where all Rhode Islanders have, at least, been), Federal Hill (a special place with excellent food and well done jobs), and a river flowing with acid waste and occasionally water-fire, among other fabulous Rhode Island-y things.
Let's go to Providence tommorow.
The mall?
by madison February 21, 2005
Response as in agreement with another.
"We should totally go to that show."
"For sure."
by Madison February 13, 2005
Small town in Rhode Island filled with skinny rich kid drug dealers that don't carry guns, and girls that like to shop & tan.
We want our townies to go back to Cranston, and we beat Barrington's test scores every time.
Those fucking E.G. kids are such elitist bastards.
by madison February 19, 2005
A girl who loves money from the guys she's with and doesn't care as much if they care for her or romance her she just wants whatever they got that she can spend.

A song sung by Madonna in the '80s
"God, Becky makes me sick. She's hooked up with three guys from Kings Egdehill just long enough to steal their cash and break their hearts."
by madison March 30, 2005
Common expression used when faced with once friends or with someone you just used for something and feel like you need to make it up to them by hanging out or doing something with them sometime. In reality, this 'something' will most likely not happen anytime.
Oh wow! I haven't seen you in a while. How are you? GOOD! well, I gotta go, but we should do something sometime! can't forget the *wince* Call me!
by Madison April 20, 2004
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