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Vietnam war hero turned war protester. Senator from Massachusetts, only senator elected 4 times without any PAC special interest money. Fights for the middle class, education and the environment. Organized the first Earth Day in 1970. Chaired Senate subcommittee on Iran-Contra and exposed CIA drug smuggling in 1986. Lead a Senate probe that exposed a Pakistan based bank financing terrorists in 1992.
Ran for President in 2004 and lost to a lying criminal.
John Kerry is a great American.
by qwerty March 24, 2005
a city in alabama
sweet home alabama.. dun dun do daint don dun dow
by Qwerty April 16, 2004
the title of a great beatles song!!!
the beatles rock!
Yesterday...love was such an easy game to play...
by qwerty April 17, 2005
a sarcastic term implying "what a load of crap"
or, "bullshit". can also be used as a expression of anger.
: hilary, i did NOT have sex with that woman...
: um... fuck me gently with a chainsaw, bill.


: how was that test?
: fuck me gently with a chainsaw, mike.
by Qwerty April 19, 2004
Amazing. Just amazing.
I wish I was like Swetha.
by qwerty March 21, 2005
Some little shit-stain who is trying to get as much attention as the bigger shit-stains in the rap industry
Lil' Bow Wow looks just like and is the size of my turd in the tiolet
by Qwerty March 19, 2004
second guitarist in the manic street preachers. couldnt play for shit, but was the groups lyricist. he walked out of his london hotel room on the first of feb 1995, never to be seen again. no body has been found. family declined to officially declare him as dead.
listen to the manic street preachers!
by qwerty January 17, 2005

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