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To betray, backstab, diss, or punk someone with the intent of causing harm to their reputation.
He's going to torpedo Doug's election chances by telling the press about his adulterous ways.
by mcgggggg May 31, 2005
When a Man runs full speed while erect into a woman bending over. (completely random girl)
yo man, i torpedoed some chick last night, too bad i missed. Now my dicks real fucked.
by Blake Nowak May 20, 2007
Incarceration Term-
An enforcer in prison/jail. Large and tough men that are assigned the role of enforcer among their race by the head of the race. If someone is disrespectful or breaks the rules, the head will send out torpedos to do some damage.
A typical minor incursion will result in a chinstrap (a heavy hit to the chin) or, for a more serious incursion, a stomp by all members of the race.
Jonny Boy was overheard talking shit about the head. He woke up in the middle of the night to the torpedos thumping on his head with socks full of batteries.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
A long turd.
Man, I just flushed a torpedo there. Shit, the bathroom smells.
by Your Ass September 28, 2003
The Fatest J you've ever seen.
That Torpedo fucked us up.
by DJ FOURWAY June 11, 2006
Verb: when a woman KNOWINGLY rubs her breast(s)against a male "accidentally" for effect. A form of flirtation or teasing that can be explained away as a mistake if needed. Often done "innocently" on dates when you like him.
"If you Torpedo Derek there's no way he'll be able to ignore you any longer."
by Humble1 April 05, 2009
An uncircumcised dick that is long but not thick.
Get rid of your torpedo and go get a head.
by Isaak D November 20, 2008
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