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Incarceration Term-Used to describe whites in prison/jail. Short for peckerwood, a derogatory term used to portray dumb white boys. Much like redneck.
The Aryan Brotherhood white supremicist gang states that it means Whites Only One Day Soon. This is incorrect however.
Blacks are brothers or kinfolk. American latinos are chicanos. Immigrant latinos are pisanos. Indians are chiefs.
One of the woods in our block got caught stealing a radio. The wood head sent out the torpedos to stomp him. That punk bitch won't be able to walk for a year.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
Incarceration Term-
An enforcer in prison/jail. Large and tough men that are assigned the role of enforcer among their race by the head of the race. If someone is disrespectful or breaks the rules, the head will send out torpedos to do some damage.
A typical minor incursion will result in a chinstrap (a heavy hit to the chin) or, for a more serious incursion, a stomp by all members of the race.
Jonny Boy was overheard talking shit about the head. He woke up in the middle of the night to the torpedos thumping on his head with socks full of batteries.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
Incarceration Term-
Used to describe the race of blacks in prison/jail. Sometimes just called brothas.

The kinfolk haven't been fucking around in the yard. They scraped with the pisanos three times this week.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
The leader of a race in prison/jail. There are smaller heads such as pod heads. They report to the lead head for the whole installation. The head creates and enforces all rules. The head is usually voted in and cannot be challanged. The head will also enforce rules with torpedos. He can either order a a stomp, a killing, or a chinstrap for punishment. Among races, only a head can insult another head. A head can decide when to go to war with another race.
One of the chicano's called the kinfolk's head a bitch. The head talked to the chicano's head about the disrespect and the chicano's will take care of their own.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
Incarceration Term-
A hard and heavy blow the chin as a form of minor punishment in prison/jail. Usually given for minor incursions. A head will tell a torpedo to administer the chinstrap.
Johnny Boy lost two of his teeth last night when our head told a torpedo to give him a chinstrap.
by Fumanchewd October 25, 2006
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