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A state of intoxication where one begins to feel warm, pleasent, and craves more to drink. When some one has drank enough alcohol to feel beyond buzzed, but not quite tipsy.
Those four shots did me well, and I'm feeling flushed.
Hey boys, I'm feeling flushed, let's grab another beer.
by Elliot Moore January 08, 2006
To get really, really drunk! As ones face and skin goes red from the over indulgence of alcohol, he/ she is flushed.
"Dat nigga be flushed" haha
"Hey bro, lets get effin flushed tanoiightt!!"

(Only use when flushed, like i am now as i create this definitionn.)
by shadynastyy February 19, 2014
A state of being drunk. The point of alcohol consumption where you beging to feel warm, pleasent, and crave more to drink. The level of 'drunkness' that would be found in between feeling buzzed and tipsy.
Hey boys, those four shots did me well, and i'm feeling flushed.
I'm feeling flushed, lets grab another beer
by Elliot Moore January 08, 2006
When bullies grab a geek at highschool and just take him alone to the toilets, place his head in a toilet and press the flush button.
"That guy always gets flushed." "Those footballers flushed my uncle when he was at school."
by Sushiscientist June 05, 2009
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