A nickname for a girl who has extremly big boobs! The girl will most likely not like this nickname, but its for a good reason. Then again, on a rare occasion, the girl might like it, so give it a try!
Guy: hey look at that chick, she's got a nice rack!
Guy#2: DAMN! Her nickname is Torpedo dude!

( Guy#2 goes over by the girl )

Guy#2: hey Torpedo! Nice to meet ya!
Girl: What did you call me?
Guy: Torpedo, ya know.... you got reAlly big tits!
Girl: i know i do, but you dont need to give me a nickname like that!
by Shelberzzzzzzo February 21, 2010
Torpedo, noun: When smoking a joint or blunt, the smoker leaves an inch or more of the joint or blunt to constitute a torpedo, otherwise they're just roaches.
"Hey bro, got any weed?"
"I have about 4 torpedoes and 6 roaches in my ash tray."
by wolftone1916 October 03, 2013
When you fingering a girl in the bum and you hit a turd (the torpedo).
Rob: I slipped her a digit in the corn hole and found a torpedo.
John: That's disgusting...
Rob: Yeah, and the worse bit is that I got some stuck under my finger nail...
by Torpedo_hunter May 31, 2010
A half-handle, or about 750mL, of alcohol, usually vodka.
I have a black cherry torpedo in my room waiting to be drunk.
by claudiu April 11, 2007
A guy that behaves like a total asshole on behalf of a friend that wants to improve his chances to pick up a girl. While the friend chit chats with the girl, the guy suddenly bust into the scene like a random stranger. He talks a lot of non-sense and harass the couple before he retreats; for a moment he literally "torpedo" the scene. After having faced a complete moron, the girl now improve her estimation of the friend.
Hey Ashley, can you be my torpedo tonight?

Sure bro, I'd be totally wild and crazy!

Man! Last night John was the best torpedo ever. I owe him a creampie.
by e-ladden April 09, 2011
Verb. The act of placing a can of beer to the mouth, up-ending it, puncturing the side which now faces up, and squeezing the contents into the mouth to ensure a sub-4second finish, which consequently ensures a medium-to-high probability of inebriation occuring in the not-too-distant future.
>The cops are onto us, we gotta get rid of this beer!
>Quick, everyone torpedo them!
by Juan Pablo Hamber February 06, 2006
A mischevious Shweiny (Shih Tzu and Weiner dog) with a teddy bear face who is curious, steals small cosmetics, is known to eat packages of chewing gum and is as fast a bullet. Missing household items are frequently found in his hiding places. Prefers women with large breatst. Uses his manipulative charms to get pieces of chicken and cheese. Surgically removes the squeeker from his toys. Pet parents have now gone green and provide him with beer bottle caps and wine corks as toys.
"Where are my underwear? Torpedo!"
by Her Hotness October 17, 2013

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