Any male who has an uncircumsized penis. These men often have excessive amounts of odor and STDs.
mandy: Look at brandon he's totally hot
Lacey: girl don't touch that. Can you say torpedo??
by FlawlesImperfection January 01, 2011
Often referring to a man's penis.
Hey, I bet Jerry's going to give her the Torpedo tonight!
by Larryfun August 11, 2005
hey man i think that guy is a peado torpedo
by London_19 April 06, 2009
Slang for a 40oz bottle of beer. Reffers to its similarity in shape to a torpedo.
Can a brother get a buck for a torpedo Dogg?
by Craig October 29, 2002
A. Another name for a small dick piece of shit
B. A fast rocket shot from a boat
Ya CK is such a torpedo, lets kill him!
by POWTMC December 15, 2006
1) n. The tips of one's fingers after wiping, but prior to washing. IE Your fingers when they have shit on them.

2) n. A game involving sticking your shit covered finger tips in someone's face.
1) Upon picking my nose, I realized I forgot to wash my torpedoes. Damn...

2) I stuck my fingers in my friend's mouth and shouted, "Torpedoes!" and ran away. He soon caught me and beat the shit out of me...
by Captain Sex Offendor September 16, 2006
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