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An utterance that is so stupid, funny, or ironic that it epitomizes life in New York City and deserves submission to Overheard in New York.
You're in a Brooklyn diner and hear a kid reading the want ads exclaim, "Hey this company wants a biotch!" His friend looks at it and says, "That says biotech, you dumbass." You've got an overheard and you need to share it with the rest of the world.
by iiams August 27, 2005
A type of Facebook group, originating at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, in which people post things (stupid, embarrassing, or sexual) that they have "overheard" on school/campus grounds.

Groups include titles like "Overheard at Fanshawe College" etc.
Guy 1: Man I've been saying stupid shit all day so that I could get on overheard.

Guy 2: Shut up. You're annoying.
by beebsington April 24, 2010
A way to innocently say you were eavesdropping.
*Person 3 eavesdropping*
Person 1 talking to Person 2: I heard she likes Tom.
Person 3: *butting into conversation* TOM?
Person 2: Stop eavesdropping on us!
Person 3: Oh, no, I just... uh... overheard you. Yep.
by There'sACleaverInYourHead May 03, 2016
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