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To betray a friend by doing something "behind their back" that would harm them in any way.
Joe backstabed me when he told Tori about our secret last weekend.
by Salchite March 06, 2005
So called "friends" will act like they really like you, be friendly with you. And then goes out and make up lies to your girlfriend that you're seeing someone else and that he has been covering for you for the whole time. This makes your girlfriend seem confused and think you do not take your relationship seriously.
When we found out what that backstabbing prick did, we encircled him and beat the living sense out of him. Now he cannot talk and cause any harm to anyone.
by Straight G Muthafuker July 10, 2006
Pretending to stick up for you at work and later you find out they've been talking trash about you. (In fact, saying the exact opposite). Striking you down from behind.
Jon told me that he stuck up for me. But he actually voted to get me fired and he knew in advance it was going to happen. He backstabs.
by Livingwell March 06, 2007
betray someone or otherwise harm them in a treacherous way
He is the only shit head with enough nerve to backstab my mom.
by The Return of Light Joker July 30, 2008
Someone who can't handle their own immaturity so they make lies about their friends and then deny that they ever did anything to hurt them.
Person 1: Let's be friends
Person 2: Okay!

Person 1: I'm going to tell you my feelings okay?
Person 2: Okay!

(After a while)
Person 2: what a drama queen! (Said to others) (As they read the persons messages)

Person 1 to different person: They totally backstabbed me! I sent those messages in confidence!
by jldd June 26, 2014
Texting or calling a mistress while having sex with your girlfriend or wife in the doggystyle position. Since you are behind them, there is no way for them to know.
Jim: Hey Matt I heard you hooked up with jess last night.

Matt: Yea, I had to back stab my girlfriend Tracy to set it up though.
by It Was Written February 09, 2010
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