A word Urban Dictionary makes me feel bad for looking up its definition
Shawn: I wonder what Urban Dictionary says the definition of pineapple is.

Gary: Let's look it up:
Urban Dictionary: what the fuck are you looking at the definition of pineapples for you stupid fuck?
Shawn: I am sad
Gary: As am I
by pseudojones June 19, 2014
the best fruit ever that is the better then sex, weed, alchol, or tactical nukes and that only lames are allergic to.
Dude look at that pineapple covering her tits.
by lawnmower owner 12 March 17, 2010
A nickname used for memebers of the Asian interest fraternity, Pi Alpha Phi.
Let's go to the pineapple party tommorow.
by zzz January 18, 2005
1. A tropical fruit with a yellow interior and a rigid spiked exterior.

2. The world's most painful sex toy.
1. I ate a pineapple this morning.

2. A shoved a pineapple up my ass this morning. It gave me tropical orgasms.
by The man who stares at pandas August 21, 2013
A word that has become synonymous with being cute, It was derived as means of taking all the positive connotations that come with the word cute and abandon its sarcastic and demeaning undertones.
person A: Hey i saw what you did earlier today, that was really pineapple.

person B: Oh im so glad you said pineapple, for a second there i thought you were being sarcastic.
by kathemsaher365 December 29, 2011
A game commonly played amongst stupid teenagers. The game starts off with someone saying the word 'pineapple.' The next person must state a word that either rhymes with, is similar to, or has a similar definition in order to stay in the game. Each player goes back and forth until you can't breathe because you're laughing too hard.
Pineapple... PineTREE!... Pinecone... Apple seed... apple pie... pumpkin pie... jack' o' lantern ... candle... flame... pyro... x-men...Jesus!
by Rachel and the Freak March 28, 2007
A code word for a sexual act such as a blow job, fingering, a hand job or sexual intercourse. To be used when speaking around others.
Boyfriend: "Pineapples babe"
Girlfriend: "Yeah babe, alright"
Parent: "What's pineapples??"
Girlfriend: "The fruit mum, it's his favourite."
by MissyBlue May 18, 2014

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