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A Pineapple is the fifty dollar note in Australian currency.
I found a pineapple on the ground at the bar and it covered my drinks for the night.
by Holden M. Caulfield December 30, 2005
Rarely used slang for vagina.
I'm gonna kiss your eyes
Then I'm gonna kiss your neck
Then I'm gonna kiss your tummy
Then I'm gonna kiss your PINEAPPLE (whoo!)
--The B-52's: "Strobe Light"
by dingo727 May 14, 2006
A synonym for Niggerfaggot
Can i have a definition?
pineapple. Really? No not really.
by Jnix121212 December 15, 2007
An Australian $50 note.
(It is yellow/gold clour).
Every note has a name. (see piglet, pavarotti/tenner, lobster, treefrog)
the dealer said it was $45, I only had 2 lobster's(Australian $20 note) so I gave him my last pineapple.
by Diego June 24, 2003
An Australian $50 note, noteable becuase of the yellow color of the note.
Do you have any change, I've only got a pineapple.
by Heathster August 05, 2007
A code word to replace the phrase "That's what she said" in order to avoid alerting unwanted participants.
New Female coworker at demonstration: "This is my first time, so take it slow."

Male coworker to other coworkers: "Pineapple!"
by Rupert Shackleton August 04, 2014
a tropical fruit that is used to make a kind of cake.
spongebob lives in a pineapple under the sea....
by i slayed your mom last night December 28, 2003