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(British English slang):

adj: a jagged person, that is at times hard to get a long with.
even if my dad is not usually spiky, he does become spiky when he feels like pissing me off.
by Sexydimma September 27, 2013
1. When something has sharp things coming out of it

2.Horny for a makeout or kissing, but definitely not for sex.
Camper 1: "Oh crap a porcupine climbed in my sleeping bag last night"
Campler 2: "So?"
Camper 1: "So?! I sleep naked! Now my butt is spiky."
Camper 2: "That's gross"
Camper 1: "I know it hurts so bad"
Camper 2: "No that you sleep naked on a camping trip with only one other person in the tent. Me"

Kai: "Oh my god Evann I really want to make out with someone. It's like I'm horny, but not for sex. What is that called?"

Evie: "Oh thats called spiky."
by This_is_a_pseudonym May 10, 2009
Adjective describing a white man with a straight-hair afro.
David hasn't cut his hair in a while, he's lookin pretty spiky!
by KF March 20, 2004

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