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the man responsbile for the monstrosity known as "myspace", owner and operator of said site, and consequently the man blamed every time myspace is down.
"god damnit! myspace shit the bed again. fuck you tom!"
by rachellefreak January 22, 2006
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The geeky founder of Myspace who ironically has more friends than anyone in the world.
Tom gives inspiration and hope to all the computer nerds out there.
by terriyaki July 15, 2006
Has extreme likeness to a Matt. A Sexy Best. 'Toms' Are known to be genius' and to be extremely skilled and gifted in the field of literature. Commonly seen without a shirt due to their exemplary physique. Toms also are known to have great moral values and being very sensitive to a womans needs.
Girl 1: *Cries*
Girl 2: What's wrong?!
Girl 1: My boyfriend just broke up with me
Girl 2: I can't believe it. He just seemed so... so...
Girl 1: So Tom? Yeah, I know.
by Blayde February 29, 2008
a beautiful man with an extraordinarily big penis and heroic testicles.
makes every girl moist when he walks in the room
Girl 1: "ooh! ive just had a strange sensation in between my legs"
Girl 2: "me too"
Guy 1: "dammit! tom's just walked in the room. i wish i was him"
by quickly!! December 09, 2009
The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.
Advised for:
Tom is the most a-m-a-z-i-n-g boy ever. you should be sure to get a date with him
by loverboy90210 January 05, 2009
The man who created what will become the destroyer of the earth, better known as the addictive website MySpace. He is blamed by literally millions of people whenever an "unexpected error" occurs. Once enough (important) people become addicted to this site, society will become perpetually late and collapse in a horrendous, fiery explosion of death, destruction, and doom.
President Bush - "Dammit, Tom! MySpace had another mistake! I refuse to leave this computer until they fix it!"
by Tom Knapp June 09, 2006
Time Of Month - a code word for a girl's period, disgused as a person's name (much like "Aunt Flo" or "Aunt Flow").
Jane: Do you guys want to go swimming after this?
Mary: Urg, not really. Tom's visiting this week.
by k.ann.h April 12, 2006
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