An assist given to a hockey player that has chiseled it from the bench by yelling out his number as the referee skates by. pine=bench, apple=assist.
"turns sniped a solid fivey goal, while morris sat on the bench and padded his stats with a beauty pineapple."
by flyers92 February 03, 2010
A game commonly played amongst stupid teenagers. The game starts off with someone saying the word 'pineapple.' The next person must state a word that either rhymes with, is similar to, or has a similar definition in order to stay in the game. Each player goes back and forth until you can't breathe because you're laughing too hard.
Pineapple... PineTREE!... Pinecone... Apple seed... apple pie... pumpkin pie... jack' o' lantern ... candle... flame... pyro... x-men...Jesus!
by Rachel and the Freak March 28, 2007
A pineapple is a fruit. It is common to tropical areas and super markets. It is also a natural laxative (first hand experience). It is a main ingredient in dozens of recipes from being a pizza topping to part of a fruit kabab. It is also the nickname of the Mk 2 hand grenade.

Frank spent the rest of the afternoon destroying his toilet after eating 5 whole pineapples.
by Socialist Drummer May 02, 2012
A Pineapple is truly the most amazing, spectacular thing of the human race. It is a thing of beauty, something that should be worshipped and loved by all that know it. The Pineapple is truly superior to such average fruits as the apple, pear and lemon. The only fruit that comes close to a pineapple is the Nectarine but still the Pineapple is in a different league to all these.

The Pineapple is said to have solved both World War 2 and Amy Winehouse's drug problems, both potentially fatal events. It is a great companion of Ghandi and has also been called king upon men - great words spoken by Stephen Hawking as the Pineapple is about the only thing that keeps him sane.

The last fact of the Pineapple is that I have some in my fruit bowl. Also buy them from Tescos or Morrisons as the rest taste like a very dirty bottom.
Woah, there's a Pineapple over there and Oh My GOD he's looking at us!
by pineapple-lover August 11, 2010
Spongebob's house.
"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
"Spongebob Sqaurepants!"
by Direct_at&t_ spectrum May 21, 2016
Safety word when someone thinks you are bullshitting. Saying the word pineapple means you are telling the truth . Falsely saying pineapple means you are not a trustworthy person and no one will believe anything that you say.
Cam: Jimmy you're about to get hit by a car.

Jimmy: pineapple ?

Cam:pineapple !

Jimmy : thanks Cam, i better watch where I'm going . Fuck I'm an idiot.
by Bigggsy August 03, 2013
A large oval-shaped, spikey fruit that is theoretically rammed up somebodys arse by a superior when somebody fucks up at work.

Origin: Underground coal mining industry- Newcastle, Australia
"I'm going to get a pineapple over that"

"Trev got a pineapple this morning"
by Tabasco Spitty December 01, 2011
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