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The word used when two people find that a moment has become awkward for both of them. Often when the two are crushing on each other and don't know it.
Person1: Yeah I love shopping.
Person2: Cool
Person1: Yup...
Person2: Pineapple.
by Thecoolestpersoninyourheart July 17, 2014
1. A tropical fruit with a yellow interior and a rigid spiked exterior.

2. The world's most painful sex toy.
1. I ate a pineapple this morning.

2. A shoved a pineapple up my ass this morning. It gave me tropical orgasms.
by The man who stares at pandas August 21, 2013
An expression that comedian Kevin Hart used in his stand up "Laugh At My Pain", he says the word whenever he feels uncomfortable, or doesn't want or like something.
Guy : So your place or mines?
Lady: Pineapple
Guy: ... *confused expression*
Lady: You go to yours and I'll head to mine.. *Walks away*

by GoogleMasterHoe May 27, 2013
A Pineapple is truly the most amazing, spectacular thing of the human race. It is a thing of beauty, something that should be worshipped and loved by all that know it. The Pineapple is truly superior to such average fruits as the apple, pear and lemon. The only fruit that comes close to a pineapple is the Nectarine but still the Pineapple is in a different league to all these.

The Pineapple is said to have solved both World War 2 and Amy Winehouse's drug problems, both potentially fatal events. It is a great companion of Ghandi and has also been called king upon men - great words spoken by Stephen Hawking as the Pineapple is about the only thing that keeps him sane.

The last fact of the Pineapple is that I have some in my fruit bowl. Also buy them from Tescos or Morrisons as the rest taste like a very dirty bottom.
Woah, there's a Pineapple over there and Oh My GOD he's looking at us!
by pineapple-lover August 11, 2010
SpongeBob's house.
If someone said "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?", everyone in the world will respond.
by Fr3nch fr13s May 04, 2014
a wonderful fruit
*when pineapple is eaten by a male, makes his 'cum' taste sweet!!
girl- (gives guy a bj)
'mmmm i dnt mind swallowin, tasted gd!!!...Almost like pineapple'
guy- 'haha well its cos i ate pineapple earlier on, ur so slow!'
by ella_pixie December 29, 2005
A code word for a sexual act such as a blow job, fingering, a hand job or sexual intercourse. To be used when speaking around others.
Boyfriend: "Pineapples babe"
Girlfriend: "Yeah babe, alright"
Parent: "What's pineapples??"
Girlfriend: "The fruit mum, it's his favourite."
by MissyBlue May 18, 2014