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aka girls, girls are evil I have proof...

Girls require time and money
(Girls = Time x Money)
But we all know time is money
(Time = Money)
(Girls = Money x Money)
(Money x Money = Money squared)
And beacause money is the root of all evil
(Money = square route of evil)
(Girls = (the square route of evil)squared)
so we are forced to conclude that...
(Girls = Evil)
In short: Girls need time and money but time is money and money is evil, so girls crave evilness making them evil...
by Triple J May 01, 2005
Essential ingredient for the making of humans.
Recipe for Human:
Add 3 cups water
Add half dozen eggs
Add chopped cabbage
Mix gently while adding Evil until desired effect.
Bake at 97 degrees Fahrenheit for 9 months
Serve chilled
by Krab October 10, 2003
Another word for your tax collecter.
Hi, I'm your tax collecter, and I'm a bitch.
by Mikerockzya April 17, 2004
concentrated foulness; intentionally bad; extremely malignant; Microsoft.
1. wow, microsoft put a lot of evil into their new windows professional edition.
2. help! my new windows professional edition just tried to cut off my penis! that's pretty darn evil.
by Batman February 21, 2003
Abriveeation for Every Villain is Lemons
(SpongeBob SquarePants)
Manray, and the Dirty Bubble is in the group E.V.I.L.
by SpringBoob Squirepin October 20, 2003
A deterministic philosophy used to justify selfish extremes and deny responsibility for personal actions, even if they bring harm to others. Those who are evil almost always rationalize their actions and often despise the terms "good" and "evil" because it is much easier to deny moral absolutes than it is to acknowledge them.

Theologically speaking, evil is said to be the absence of good, or more specifically mans isolation from God, brought about not through Gods will but mankinds own doing.
Human beings are not black and white, but good and evil are.
by Killing Kittens June 23, 2004
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