a wonderful fruit
*when pineapple is eaten by a male, makes his 'cum' taste sweet!!
girl- (gives guy a bj)
'mmmm i dnt mind swallowin, tasted gd!!!...Almost like pineapple'
guy- 'haha well its cos i ate pineapple earlier on, ur so slow!'
by ella_pixie December 29, 2005
something that has NO BUISNESS being on pizza
"pineapple on pizza is inexcusible"
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
A person of any gender who a group of people find attractive
"Hey girls, I saw a ripe pineapple over there!"
by LeeluLai May 06, 2015
A term used to describe your homosexual relationship to your mother.
Mom: if your not boyfriends then what the hell are you.

You: we are pineapples mom.
by lazerbridge May 30, 2015
The best fruity creation ever! Perfect topping for a pizza
A) Do you want pizza tonight?
B) Only if it has pineapple on it!
A) Well duh! Its just not a pizza with out pineapple
by Pineapplesarethebest April 28, 2015
The term used to define gayer than gay. The name derives from the pineapple dance studios. One would not be simply known as a gay, but a pineapple. The actions of a pineapple are beyond gay that even a standard homosexual would appear straight to the raging pineapple!
You are acting like a pineapple my dear friend.

Stop acting like a pineapple; you're making the gays look straight.
by IceSculpturer September 05, 2014
One word phrase most knowingly used by the comedian/actor Kevin Hart. Used when a person feels a situation they are in is awkward or inappropriate and feels very uncomfortable. Out of their comfort zone. When a person is sharing information that you just dont want to hear or needed to know.
This chick I went out with last night ended up being a dude!!
Oh my god, pineapples!!!
by Research=ProvenFacts June 21, 2014
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