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A flexible word, 'pineappled' refers to being fucked around or fucked up. Except in a worse way, (thanks to all those spiky bits).
Instead of saying 'I was fucked up the arse',

you would say;'I was pineappled'
by Morto August 09, 2005
To get fucked up or have a bad experience. Derived from the movie 'Little Nicky' where Hitler had to choose a pinapple to be inserted into his rectum on a regular basis during his stay in Hell!!
Just before an inevitable bad situation is about to occur -

MITCH: 'Pass the lube - we're about to get pineappled'
by Yellow Submarine December 05, 2005
to get fucked over big time.to receive a huge shit sandwich
scott got pineappled yet again by letson
by kdizzle77 March 05, 2007