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imaginary fruit believed to be grown by illiterate people.

see pineaple
person 1: "what do you do?"
person 2: "I grow pinapples"
person 1: "right..."
by el Sethro February 28, 2005
Another word for a dumbass
Driving with your kid on your lap and smoking is a serious pinapple move...
by chaz714 July 21, 2006
Pinapple derived from the word Pineapple it means to have fun, be legit, go wild, or fuck shit up. Word also created from term pina colada because enough of these and the party shall begin.
That karthus ult was pinapple.
by BlackTron and SANGitup September 03, 2013
Spongebob's house
Spongebob lives in a pinapple. People eat his house every single hour.
by memorizing pi July 11, 2014
Fruit code for 'oral sex'
Person 1: "So yeah I gave him pinapples last night."
Person 2: "Finally!"

Mother: "So what did you and Billy do last night?"
Daughter: "Oh you know... pinapples."
by mombo italiano October 05, 2010
1. a code word used between 2 or more people in a situation with a large crowd, such as a party, to express awkwardness. usually the crowd members get confused and/or angry because they do not understand what the term is referring to.

2. a code word used between 2 or more people in an awkward or annoying situation that they had predicted earlier, that ended up happening.

3. just an awkward situation in general; a word used to break the awkwardness.
1. Kevin: *taking his pants off at a party" "hey everyone! look at me !"
Sydney: "oh god kevin ! pinapple !"
Harry: "pinapple all the way..."
Deena: "ew ! pinapple !!"

2. *earlier*
Loqueesha: "Alicia's totally gonna flirt with every guy at the party, even though she has a boyfriend !"
Monique: " dayum gurll.. ur right.."

*later, at party"
Alicia: *cuddling with "nick" *
Nick: "alicia, chads your boyfriend.. so get offa me"
Alicia: *speechless*
Loqueesha: "pinapple..."
Monique: "werdd..!"

3. Oscar: "guys... i just thought i should tell you that i jack off to pictures of pauls mom."
Paul: "what the fuck ??"
Gary: "pinapple ."
by kittykaateatyou July 10, 2011
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