A fruit, that is known to make your pussy tates ALOT sweeter and is recommended for good taste of the pussy.
I wanted to taste sweet for my husband, so I ate pineapples everyday.
by SuperHott January 04, 2008
A word Urban Dictionary makes me feel bad for looking up its definition
Shawn: I wonder what Urban Dictionary says the definition of pineapple is.

Gary: Let's look it up:
Urban Dictionary: what the fuck are you looking at the definition of pineapples for you stupid fuck?
Shawn: I am sad
Gary: As am I
by pseudojones June 19, 2014
A dressing-down or verbal punishment, particularly from management to workers, and used particularly in the Australian mining and construction industries. Meant to evoke the mental picture of having a spikey pineapple shoved up one's arse.
The foreman wasn't happy; he gave us all a pineapple.
by saxen49 March 07, 2012
a pineapple is someone who is brunette on the outside but a stereotypical blonde dumbass on the inside.
she's got brown hair but i swear she acts like one of those blonde bitches that say the word 'like' 10 times per sentence... fuckin pineapple....
by mary jane January 15, 2004
The word used when two people find that a moment has become awkward for both of them. Often when the two are crushing on each other and don't know it.
Person1: Yeah I love shopping.
Person2: Cool
Person1: Yup...
Person2: Pineapple.
by Thecoolestpersoninyourheart July 17, 2014
An incredibly delicious and sweet fruit which may be used as an underwater residence for sponges but is most popularly used as a sweetening agent for the male ejaculation.
Dude 1: <Looking sad>
Dude 2: What happened Dude 1?
Dude 1: You're my best friend Dude 2, you've gotta help me out here. My girlfriend refuses to give me a bj, because my cum is too salty.
Dude 2: You've come to the right guy. The answer is - Pineapples.

Next day-

Dude 1: You asshole! You told me to use pineapples to get my girlfriend to give me a bj. She's in the goddamn ER now!
Dude 2: What?!
Dude 1: I smashed the pineapple on her head so she would give me a freakin' bj, but she landed up in the hospital!
Dude 2: You mother fucking waste of oxygen, you had to EAT the fucking pineapple to make your cum sweet! You're a bloody moron!
Dude 1: Ohhhh... My bad
by DoraTheExplosive August 15, 2012
1 a large juicy tropical fruit consisting of aromatic edible yellow flesh surrounded by a tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft of stiff leaves.
2 the widely cultivated tropical American plant that bears this fruit. It is low-growing, with a spiral of spiny sword-shaped leaves on a thick stem. • Ananas comosus, family Bromeliaceae.
Wow, Dave! The pineapples in Hawaii were much better than those in the places to which they are exported!
by ThisismeandIknowSTUFF April 12, 2009
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