A jolly old fat man known as the worlds most elusive stalker
He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when your awake. Yep, Santas definitely a stalker
by ThatRandomnGuy December 08, 2013
He is ACTUALLY evil. His name is an anagram for Satan.
Really, Santa? The letters H and O are 6 letters away in the alphabet.

HO HO HO= 6 6 6 merry xmas bitch
by 8Chris8 February 18, 2011
Fat man who eats all your cookies during the holidays. Mythical creature originated in Germany and some how gets his fat ass down your chimney. Best friend is cookie monster. Married to Mrs. Claus. Works little green, pointed eared, dwarfs to there deaths in a factory in a freezing temperatures all year long. Abuses reindeer by sprinkling magic dust on them mutating their DNA allowing them to fly. Children love him, but pee on his lap in the mall.
Billy "Gee Santa, i want a toy train for Christmas.''

Santa "To bad, you get coal cause you have been a naughty boy!!!"
by Bob Hufferman December 22, 2012
not real.
Santa isn't real
by Eggie g December 06, 2012
That guy that doesn't exist
little kid: "Dad, wheres Santa?"
Drunken Dad: "That fat bastard ain't real, go back to bed"
little kid: (dreams officially crushed)
by dreamcrushedboy December 23, 2010
Jesus's Worst Enemy
Oh snap. it's Santa!
by HEHEHEHEHEITSMATT December 13, 2010
A hobo's excuse to dress exotically and whip out his sack for small children.
Santa: "Boy do I have a surprise for you in my sack."
by santaslittleelfbuddy November 25, 2011

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