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to remove ones liver
He got to bored and decided to deliver his cat.
by paintballstud56 June 01, 2005
To give in sexually to someone, usually because you owe them something.
John: You know, Carla still owes me dinner, but she says she doesn't have any money.
Collin: You can always ask her to deliver =).
John: Yeah, that's a good one.

John: You know Carla, I spoke to Collin earlier and he suggested you delivered instead of paying for dinner.
Carl: What?! You think I'm a slut! I'll pay for the next dinner like I told you.
John: You always say that but you never do, I really think we should have sex, you know, to calm down a bit.
Carla: You make me sick.
by keily August 12, 2009
to rap in a song
to bust a rhyme
Man! Check me out as I deliver!
by teh_cum May 08, 2006
Verb: To remove a liver.
"Mom I delivered the horse today, look!"
by 3nc0d3d January 30, 2016
a meat product
Man deliver they sell in that store is bad
by The Phantom strikes June 12, 2003
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